May 24, 2019

We’ve recently restructured our product line pertaining to our e-bike chain models. A newly created e-series has been designed and developed to meet the demanding needs of e-bike users. With a special production process developed for the new e-series, riveting plays a major role in significantly reducing chain breakage. Major issues such as faulting shifting or shifting while under extreme load are common problems with e-bikes and their users. KMC Chain is confident the new e-series is a major improvement in both strength and shifting performance for any rider making the switch.


For e-series chains, the same philosophy applies as on all other KMC Chains. The e1 is recognizable as a hub and or single speed chain, while the e9, e10, and e11 models account for their corresponding derailleur systems. KMC e101 has a very special position in the e-series offering a 10,000km+ warranty when used in conjunction with wide KMC Sprockets and Chainrings.

KMC Chains is proud to offer great solutions for every need.