X11 Nickel/Black

X11 Nickel/Black 11 Speed Chain

Bicycle Type: Road, MTB, Gravel, Cyclocross
Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo
Chain Length: 118 Links
Part Number: CN11665
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11 Speed Chain

Nickle Plated Coating

Nickel is an alloying metal that is mainly used for steel refinement. It makes steel resistant to corrosion, increases its hardness and toughness and is very effective as a rust protection.

X-Bridge KMC

Double X-Bridge

With Double X Bridge construciton, our chains increase shifitng precision and shifting speed. Smooth, fast, and accurate.

High Pin Power Rivetting

Get more miles with our axtra strength high-pin-power chains.

Inner & Outer Chamfering

Ramps specifically engineered to engage with your chain rings and cassettes quickly and provide smooth shifting.

Length116 Link
CompatibilitySRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo
Bicycle TypeMTB, Road, Gravel, Cyclocross, E-Bike
Weight243 grams

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